International Information

International Operation Name: EAGLE ASSIST

International Mission Name: EAGLE ASSIST

Mandating Organization: North Atlantic Council

Region Name: North America

Location: United States

Mission Date: 9 October 2001 - 16 May 2002

Canadian Forces (CF) Information (EAGLE ASSIST)

Canadian Task Force Name Mission Statement: To conduct aerial surveillance over the United States.

CF Mission/Operation Notes: After the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001, the United States requested the assistance of its NATO partners, invoking Article 5 of the Treaty (which indicates that an attack on one member is an attack on all). The request was for NATO Airborne Early Warning Force (NAEWF) aircraft assistance in the aerial surveillance of the continental United States. The North Atlantic Council (NAC) agreed to the request on 4 October, with five NATO E3A aircraft starting operations on 9 October under the name Operation EAGLE ASSIST.

The NATO aircraft operated from Tinker Air Force base in Oklahoma, home of the USAF AWACS wing. Two hundred personnel from Geilenkirchen, Germany were stationed at Tinker at a time. In January 2002, two additional NATO E3As deployed to the United States.

In April 2002, on the basis of an improved homeland security posture, the United States indicated that further support from the NATO E3As would not be required. On 30 April the NAC announced that it had agreed to terminate Op EAGLE ASSIST effective 16 May 2002. Over 830 members of the NAEWF participated in the operation, flying over 4300 hours and 360 sorties.

With Canadian Forces personnel integrated into the aircrew of the NAEWF, some of these personnel participated in Op EAGLE ASSIST.

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