Operation EDIFICE-Tunisia

Building Partner Capacity is one of the core missions of Canada’s Defence Policy Strong, Secure, Engaged, supporting the security of other nations and their ability to contribute to security abroad.

Under Operation EDIFICE-Tunisia, once a year, the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) deploy a small team of Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) personnel from the Naval Tactical Operations Group (NTOG) to conduct combined training with the Tunisian Navy.

Latest news

A small team of up to 14 Royal Canadian Navy members was deployed until March 5, 2019 to Tunisia to conduct combined training with the Tunisian Navy.

How many people are deployed?

Currently, there are no people deployed on Op EDIFICE-Tunisia, the most recent iteration concluded on March 5, 2019. The next planned deployment will be in 2020.

What do they do when there is training?

During Operation EDIFICE-Tunisia, deployed CAF members deliver training to Tunisian Navy members. It is an opportunity for sailors from both countries to acquire knowledge, establish relationships and hone their skills.

The training delivered is related to maritime boarding operations.

Here are some examples of CAF training:

  • Tactical Shooting
  • Maritime boarding techniques
  • Medical training
  • Physical fitness training and methodology

History and context of the operation

The Maritime Tactical Operations Group (MTOG) deployed on Op EDIFICE - Tunisia in 2018. Up to 11 Royal Canadian Navy personnel deployed and successfully conducted training with Tunisian Armed Forces (TAF) ending on March 5th, 2018.

The CAF regularly participates in international training. Combined training such as this, strengthens the ties and understanding among global partners, and helps improve their abilities to successfully work together on multinational operations and missions.

This training is intended to provide additional opportunities for Canada and Tunisia to strengthen defence relations through comparing and improving upon individual and team skills.



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