Operation RENDER SAFE aims to clear explosive remnants of war from the Solomon Islands. The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) normally participate every two years. The operation is led by the Australian Defence Force (ADF), with help from other countries. The CAF has contributed since 2013.

This operation aims to:

  • reduce the hazards of explosive remnants of war to local people
  • prevent disreputable groups from getting these explosives
  • improve the skills of local police and defence forces in disposing of explosives

How many people are deployed?

There are currently no CAF members or assets on Operation RENDER SAFE. The operation is not conducted year-round. It runs for a period of a few weeks after each launch.

When it occurs, the CAF sends a small team of approximately 10 to 20 members.

What are they doing?

During the operation, CAF members work with international partners to search for, locate, and destroy explosive remnants of war. These unexploded ordnance are on land and underwater.

History and context of the operation

The Solomon Islands saw heavy fighting during World War II at sea, on land, and from the air. The islands were also used as a support and ammunition base. As a result, explosives still remain there as a danger today.

Past deployments

The CAF has contributed to this mission three times:

  • In 2013, international partners successfully cleared 12,164 pieces of ordnance. Canadians were responsible for the disposal of more than 2,800 items.
  • In 2014, Canadians cleared 18 explosive-remnants sites out of 110 that were cleared overall.
  • In 2016, international partners cleared 2,584 explosives weighing more than 18 tonnes. Of those, Canadians cleared 747 explosives weighing more than three tonnes.


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