Chemical Agent Sensors

Project summary

The Government of Canada is purchasing a system of sensors that can detect and identify chemical agents and toxic chemicals.

The chemical agent sensors identify contaminants before contact so that personnel can either avoid the threat or adopt the proper protective posture. 

Project phases

Phase 4: Implementation

Currently in Phase 4: Implementation

  • September 2004
Options analysis
  • November 2011
  • Project approval definition: March 2004
  • Project approval implementation: May 2012
  • Contract Award
    • area detection and identification system: December 2017
    • chemical identification system: March 2018
  • Initial operational capability
    • area detection and identification system: July 2019
    • chemical identification system: December 2018
  • Full operational capability
    • area detection and identification system: July 2020
    • chemical identification system: October 2017 
  • October 2020

Additional information

Project updates
  • Discussions underway on the use of the personal detection system as a detector for the Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle
  • Preliminary approval given for all personal detection systems to be upgraded with a survey mode which will provide faster time-to-alarm and allow them to be suitable as detectors for the Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle project


Benefiting Canadian industry

The project invested over $55 million in Canadian industry.


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Technical information

The project is being implemented in three phases:

  1. local detection and identification system phase, including handheld detectors and fixed-site detectors, field sampling and identification kits, a data reporting network system for wireless monitoring of fixed-site detectors (automatic data reporting system), and a field-deployable chemical identification system
  2. purchase of 700 personal detection systems
  3. purchase of the area detection and identification system
Project costs

To be determined.

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