Defence equipment purchases and upgrades

Defence purchases, upgrades and maintenance projects for land, sea, and air equipment. Our procurement process, strategy and announcements.

Services and information

Defence procurement processes, announcements and strategy

The procurement process, the guide to future Defence purchases and information for Defence stakeholders.

Air defence procurement projects

Aircraft purchases, upgrades and maintenance.

Sea defence procurement projects

Ships and other sea equipment purchases, upgrades and maintenance.

Land defence procurement projects

Vehicles and other land equipment, purchases, upgrades and maintenance

Defence procurement projects for personal equipment, electronics, and more

Mobile headquarters, integrated soldier system, and other purchases, upgrades and maintenance.

Defence equipment

Equipment currently used by the Canadian Armed Forces, such as aircraft, ships, vehicles and weapons.

Impact of COVID on Procurement

Challenges, impacts and mitigation measures

Defence Investment Plan 2018

Read about the Department of National Defence’s procurement plans for the future.


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