Chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear decontamination systems

Project summary

The Government of Canada is purchasing six decontamination systems, including spare parts, operational and training decontaminants, documentation and in-service support. The chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear decontamination system will cost about $46.9 million.

The systems will decontaminate personnel, vehicles, ships, aircrafts, infrastructure and non-sensitive personal equipment.  They can be independently stored, moved and operated. The decontaminant used, DF-200 HF, is eco-friendly and effective against a wide range of chemical, biological, and radiological hazards.

They will improve the capability of the Canadian Armed Forces to decontaminate personnel, equipment and vehicles in areas with toxic materials or chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear contaminants. 

Project phases

Phase 4: Implementation

Currently in Phase 4: Implementation

  • January 1999
Options analysis
  • August 2000
  • Project approval definition: August 2000
  • Project approval implementation: August 2012
  • Contract award: September 2014
  • Initial operational capability: January 2017
  • Full operational capability: October 2017
  • February 2018

Additional information

Project updates

The CBRN decontamination systems project is on-time and on-budget. It should reach full operational capability by October 2017.


System #0 is operationally validated during Exercise SOLDAT PROPRE in 2015 and 2016.

June 2015

After successful functional and safety testing, System #0 is tested on site for initial training and feedback purposes, and now provides an interim capability.

May 2015

An expedited version of the product, called System #0, is delivered. System #0 is a 90% solution. It provides early decontamination capability and is used for procedure development, validation, individual and collective training exercises. 

Benefiting Canadian industry


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Technical information
  • The entire system can be stored and transported using two International Organization for Standardization ISO containers and one flat rack holding the vehicle decontamination module
  • Employs an environmental protection system and uses a full spectrum chemical, biological and radiological decontaminate
  • Vehicles and all personnel can be decontaminated simultaneously 
  • Module 1 decontaminates large areas, land vehicles, command and control systems, aircraft exteriors (decontaminant dependent), ships, fixed sites and limited terrain
  • Module 2 can be used to decontaminate personnel, selected items of Individual protective equipment and non-sensitive personal equipment
  • Thorough decontamination will normally occur at sites where both modules are deployed as a set  
Project costs

The chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear decontamination system will cost about $46.9 million.

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