Joint Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear General Service Respirator

Project summary

The Government of Canada is purchasing up to 77,800 respirators for the Canadian Armed Forces.

The respirators will incorporate the latest technology and minimize the physical and psychological burden.

Project phases

Currently in phase 4: Implementation

Currently in Phase 4: Implementation

  • 2008
Options analysis
  • 2008
  • Project approval definition: January 2012
  • Project approval implementation: April 2014
  • Contract award: April 2018
  • Initial operational capability: April 2019
  • Full operational capability: October 2019
  • January 2020

Additional information

Project updates

The project is on-time and on-budget to deliver up to 77,800 respirators to the CAF by January 2020.

July 2016

The request for proposal for the project is released on After bids are submitted, evaluation will take one year. This will include user-involved technical performance testing, user acceptance performance evaluation, and testing at the National Research Council, Royal Military College of Canada, the Quality Engineering Test Establishment, Defence Research Development Canada, and through other third party laboratories.

Benefiting Canadian industry

To be determined.

Technical information

The new respirators will

  • Meet international standards for protection against chemical and biological agents as a standalone capability (mask and respirator filter) as well as in combination with the in-service chemical warfare protective cover all
  • Provide improved protection against toxic industrial materials
  • Minimize the physiological and psychological burden on the user
Project costs

To be determined.

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