Industries under Federal Jurisdiction

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Figure 1: Industries under Federal Jurisdiction

Industries under Federal Jurisdiction
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The estimated shares of employees in the federal jurisdiction, by industry, are as follows:

  • Banks 28%
  • Road transportation 16%
  • Telecommunications and broadcasting, including CBC 16%
  • Postal and Courier services, including Canada Post, and pipelines 14%
  • Air transportation, including airport authorities 12%
  • Rail transportation, including VIA Rail 7%
  • Grain handling 2%
  • Maritime transportation, including ports 2%
  • Miscellaneous industries such as uranium mining, federal government museums, oil and gas exploration in the territories 3%

Industries under federal jurisdiction also include federal Crown corporations. The estimated shares of employees in the federal jurisdiction exclude the federal public service and employees in First Nation Band Councils and Indigenous Self-Governments. The categorization of industries corresponds to that used in the Federal Jurisdiction Workplace Survey.

Source: Statistics Canada, Federal Jurisdiction Workplace Survey, 2015

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