Research summary – Employment Insurance usage and the labour market experience of immigrants

Official title: The Labour Market Experiences of Immigrants: An Analysis of Employment Insurance Usage, Eligibility and Contribution Patterns

Authors of report: Michelle Laing and Samuel Laryea

Why this study

The Employment Insurance (EI) program is one of the largest income security programs for working-age adults in Canada. It is useful to understand the experiences of immigrants and Canadian-born workers with the program.

What we did

The study used data for the period 2006 to 2019 from 2 datasets:

The analysis relied primarily on descriptive techniques.

What we found

What it means

The EI program provides temporary income support for all eligible workers during unemployment. The study showed that immigrants made fewer EI claims between 2006 and 2019.

It is important to find out why immigrants do not use the EI program at the same rates as their Canadian-born counterparts.

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