Research summary - Housing models for seniors

From: Employment and Social Development Canada

Official title: Intergenerational and innovative housing models for seniors

Author of Report: Dr. Atiya Mahmood (Simon Fraser University)

Why this study

Older Canadians form a diverse group. Seniors have different needs and experience diverse challenges when it comes to housing.

Many factors may create challenges with finding adequate and appropriate housing, such as:

This study helps us better understand the types of housing for older adults.

What we did

We contracted Dr. Atiya Mahmood in the Department of Gerontology at Simon Fraser University.

Dr. Mahmood and her team conducted a literature review of:

What we found

In 2016, 14% of Canadian older adults’ households were in core housing need, of those:

Housing models

Leading types of new seniors housing models:


The main benefits of these innovative housing models include:


The main drawbacks of these innovative housing models include:

What it means

This research helps support the vision set out in the National Housing Strategy. With this strategy, we want to ensure that Canadian seniors:

It is also aiding our goal to focus support on those facing housing needs, such as seniors.

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