Research summary - Empowering youth for post-secondary education preparedness

Official title: Empowering youth for post-secondary education preparedness

Author of report: Social Research and Demonstration Corporation

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Why this study

This study assesses other supports for children eligible for the Canada Learning Bond (CLB). It considers whether these supports could help them to transition to post-secondary education (PSE). It explores how to design youth driven projects that prepare them for PSE.

What we did

The report:

  • used findings from several sources, including a review of existing research
  • examined community-based programs that help youth prepare for PSE
  • provided options for future projects to prepare youth for the costs and responsibilities of PSE

What we found

Youth programs should contain the following principles:

  • projects should focus on youth who will not enter PSE
  • projects must tailor support to the participant’s initial motivation to pursue higher education, and
  • projects must check whether outcomes fulfill objectives and consider improvements

What it means

The findings of this research will help the Government of Canada to:

  • explore new initiatives about education savings

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