Infographic: Canada’s Disability Inclusion Action Plan

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The infographic reads: Canada’s Disability Inclusion Action Plan (DIAP)

Then, 5 images appear picturing persons with disabilities of different age groups performing various activities within learning and workplace settings.

The body of the infographic reads:


  • improve the social and economic inclusion of persons with disabilities
  • reduce poverty among persons with disabilities
  • achieve the Accessible Canada Act goal of a barrier-free Canada by 2040
  • develop a consistent approach to disability inclusion across the Government of Canada and make it easier for persons with disabilities to access federal programs and services
  • foster a culture of disability inclusion

The next section describes the 4 pillars of the DIAP. Each pillar is illustrated by an icon.

Pillar 1: Financial security

  • Improve the immediate and long-term financial security of persons with disabilities
  • Address longstanding financial exclusion and systemic inequities

Pillar 2: Employment

  • Support more persons with disabilities to find and keep good quality jobs, advance their careers, or become entrepreneurs
  • Help employers make workplaces more inclusive and accessible
  • Increase the capacity of individuals and organizations that work to support disability inclusion and accessibility

Pillar 3: Accessible and inclusive communities

  • Address physical, communication, and attitudinal barriers that prevent persons with disabilities from fully participating in our communities and the economy

Pillar 4: Modern approach to disability

  • Address the challenges that persons with disabilities face in accessing federal programs and benefits
  • Ensure that the needs and perspectives of persons with disabilities are reflected in the Government’s policies and programs

Then, at the bottom, lower right corner of the page, text reads: Grounded in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Then, it ends with the Canada Wordmark and the publication identification numbers.

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