Video about Thérèse-Casgrain: Lifelong Achievement Award

Transcript - Video about Thérèse-Casgrain: Lifelong Achievement Award

(Voice of Lise Casgrain, Granddaughter of Thérèse Casgrain)

(Close-up of old photo albums)

As an ambassador of the Canada Volunteers Awards, I am so happy that my grandmother’s memory is being honoured.

(Close-up of photos of Thérèse Casgrain.)

(Lise Casgrain sits at a table with the photo albums.)

But more importantly, it’s what she’s done and what people are doing out there in terms of volunteerism.

(Lise Casgrain, granddaughter of Thérèse Casgrain, on camera.)

My name is Lise Casgrain. I am one of Thérèse Casgrain’s granddaughters.

(Close-up of more photos. Images of Thérèse Casgrain.)

I think she’s well known for obtaining the right of vote for women in Quebec in 1940.

(Lise Casgrain on camera)

She did change society, there’s no question about it. But what guided her was always social justice and she always believed in the equality of men and women. She did fight for working conditions for people in industry.

People in the textile industry and people in the asbestos industry.

(Close-up of Lise Casgrain smiling.)

(Thérèse Casgrain’s statue near the National Assembly in Québec.)

Her memory has been honoured numerous times in various ways. The name of a street, the name of a building, there’s a residence at the University of Montreal.

(Close-up of a stamp featuring Thérèse Casgrain.)

(Close-up of a Canadian fifty dollar note featuring Thérèse Casgrain.)

There was a stamp that was in 1985, as well as a fifty dollar bank note which featured The Famous Five as well as my grandmother.

(Close-up of Lise Casgrain’s hands turning photo album pages.)

(Images of Jean-Marie De Koninck, recipient of the Thérèse Casgrain Lifelong Achievement Award 2016, Canada’s Volunteer Awards.)

(Close-up of the 2001-2009 Thérèse Casgrain Award book, pin and medallion.)

One of the national awards is the Thérèse Casgrain Award for Lifetime Achievement, which represents the achievements of one individual in a cause that took them and changed society in a great way.

(Lise Casgrain)

Society without volunteers, no way, it wouldn’t work.

(Images of a book featuring Thérèse Casgrain at a podium.)

(Image of a photo album.)

The Canadian Volunteer Awards is a beautiful way of recognizing what Canadians have done and are doing in terms of volunteerism and it also can be used as an insight for people to do more, and to encourage them to do volunteerism.

(Lise Casgrain on camera)

My grandmother’s call for action was there is so much to do. There is so much more to do.

(Image of Thérèse Casgrain.)

(Lise Casgrain holding her grandmother’s photo frame.)

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