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Preface to the Departmental Financial Statements of Environment and Climate Change Canada

The fundamental purpose of the departmental financial statements is to provide information to Parliament and Canadians to facilitate an understanding and evaluation of the full nature and extent of the financial affairs and resources for which Environment and Climate Change Canada is responsible.

Environment and Climate Change Canada's unaudited financial statements are a key public financial report, and are published yearly in the fall as part of the Departmental Performance Report. They are produced on a basis consistent with the department's annual Public Accounts submissions, which are consolidated with the Government of Canada Public Accounts. Financial Statements that are subject to an external audit will have an auditor's report appended to them. Financial Statements that are not subject to an external audit are annotated "unaudited" on each page. It is the case for Environment and Climate Change Canada.

Public Accounts

Volume I of the Government of Canada Public Accounts presents the financial statements of the government, which represent a consolidation of all federal departments and agencies financial statements. The Government of Canada financial statements are presented on an accrual basis of accounting which are based on Canadian public sector accounting standards.

Volume II of the Public Accounts is designed to reflect the form and content of Part II of the Main Estimates, which displays the source and disposition of Parliamentary Appropriation and spending authorities provided to departments and agencies, and is presented on a modified cash basis of accounting. Under the modified cash basis of accounting, certain specific payables and receivables are accrued while items such as inventories, prepaid expenses, and capital assets are recorded as expenditures when used during the year.

Departmental Financial Statements

Treasury Board policy requires departmental financial statements to be included and published as part of their Departmental Performance Reports. The Office of the Comptroller General of Canada determines the presentation and format of the financial statements to ensure consistency across departments of the Government of Canada. Environment and Climate Change Canada’s financial statements are presented on an accrual basis of accounting and prepared in accordance with Treasury Board policies (i.e. Treasury Board Accounting Standard or TBAS 1.2) which are based on Canadian public sector accounting standards. The departmental financial statements are derived from the Department’s Volumes I and II Public Accounts submission, and the reconciliation between Parliamentary Appropriations Used (modified cash basis) and the Net Cost of Operations (accrual basis) is set out in to Note 3 the financial statements.

Departmental Performance Report

Departmental Performance Reports are individual department and agency accounts of results achieved against planned performance expectations as set out in respective Reports on Plans and Priorities. The Departmental Performance Reports, which cover the most recently completed fiscal year, are tabled in Parliament in the fall by the President of the Treasury Board on behalf of ministers who preside over appropriation dependent departments and agencies identified in Schedules I, I.1 and II of the Financial Administration Act.

Performance and financial information disclosed in the Departmental Performance Report, other than the departmental financial statements, are presented on a modified cash basis as performance results are disclosed based upon the use of Parliamentary Appropriations.

Financial information submitted to the Public Accounts of Canada and included in the department's Departmental Performance Report is consistent with these financial statements

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