Canada-US environmental cooperation

Canada and the United States (U.S.) have a long history of environmental cooperation based on key institutions such as the International Joint Commission and key treaties and agreements such as the Canada-U.S. Air Quality Agreement and the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement. Canada-U.S. cooperation has focused on our shared environmental resources, including airsheds, migratory species, and freshwater basins, as well as shared science, including environmental monitoring and prediction.

More recently, this focus has broadened to include policy cooperation, including efforts to work cooperatively through regional and international fora, where interests align. Under the Canada-U.S. Clean Energy Dialogue, for example, the two governments are expanding collaboration in the research, development and deployment of clean energy technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and address climate change, as well as building a more efficient electricity grid based on renewable energy sources.  Through enhanced Canada-U.S.  regulatory cooperation  efforts are also underway to align regulatory approaches and strengthen environmental and economic performance.

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