About Environment and Climate Change Canada

Environmental issues have wide ranging implications for social, economic and health decisions for Canadians. The protection and conservation of the environment require the commitments of not only Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) but also all of its partners throughout the federal government and provinces, territories, Indigenous peoples, stakeholders and Canadians. It is for these reasons that ECCC emphasizes partnerships. Ensuring effective engagement helps to advance policies, regulations and services, and provides for a coordinated approach to achieve results that are representative of all interests. ECCC is also relied upon to provide science-based environmental information and services so that Canadians may make informed decisions relating to their health and safety.

There are few major environmental issues for which Canada can find causes or solutions solely within its borders. For this reason, ECCC must engage not only at home but also work with international partners to develop effective solutions to global environmental challenges. The Department seeks to be flexible in order to respond to these challenges and changing circumstances.

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