New projects funded by the Zero Plastic Waste Initiative


October 7, 2020
Recipient Project Title Project Overview Project location Total
Alberta Plastics Recycling Association Alberta plastics data project Gather data about the amount and types of plastic pollution created from industries and municipalities in the Edmonton Capital Region to help support waste reduction strategies moving forward. AB $110,000
Atlantic Coastal Action Program – Cape Breton Exploring Alternatives for Agriculture Packaging Explore environmentally responsible and cost-effective alternatives for local food packaging. NS $30,000
Carleton University Freshwater plastics detection/removal technology acceleration project Identify and pilot solutions to detect and remove microplastics from wastewater systems. ON $215,000
Georgian Bay Forever Diversion 2.0 Trial innovative technologies to capture plastics from entering our water from various point sources and expand citizen awareness of plastic pollution. ON $145,000
International Fund for Animal Welfare Inc. Support for clean harbour initiatives: removal of marine plastics in Newfoundland harbours Develop best practices and remove marine plastic litter in Newfoundland harbours. NL $80,000
Municipality of the County of Victoria Ideas to innovation Identify innovative and customized solutions to target local plastic waste and pollution. NS $25,000
Nativus Energy Ltd. Characterizing and defining waste to develop a waste diversion and waste to reuse strategy Work with the Lake St. Martin First Nation community to determine community-specific strategies for increased collection and diversion of plastic waste. MB $130,000
Nature-Action Québec Inc. Zero plastic nets: for reduction at the source Install waste capture nets at municipal sewer outlets to remove litter before it enters the water and raise community awareness about plastic pollution. QC $205,000
Ocean Diagnostics Inc. Development of technology for the quantification and characterization of marine microplastics and their deployment via citizen science Develop and test citizen science microplastic sampling protocols for nearshore surface waters and marine systems. BC $184,000
Raven Recycling Society Prevent and remove plastic pollution at the recycling drop-off Improve a local recycling facility to reduce the leakage of plastic waste into the environment and increase value recovery of recyclables. YK $185,000
TGM Tours Inc. Working together to create a circular economy for the Gros Morne Region Identify and trial approaches to reduce plastic waste and pollution and advance a circular economy in the Gros Morne Region. NL $143,000
University of British Columbia Using behavioural intervention to nudge consumers to reduce single-use produce bags at grocery stores in Canada Target behavioural choices to reduce the use and waste of plastic produce bags at grocery stores. BC $80,000
University of Windsor Evaluation of sustainable mechanisms for plastics removal from land-applied biosolids Evaluate sustainable mechanisms to remove microplastics from biosolids and promote the uptake of effective methods with key stakeholders. ON $195,000
Wicehtowak Limnos Consulting Services Ltd. George Gordon First Nation plastic waste stewardship Develop a plastic waste management program in conjunction with the George Gordon First Nation. SK $90,000

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