$54.9 million in climate action funding for 58 community-based climate action projects


The Minister of Middle-Class Prosperity and Associate Minister of Finance, the Honourable Mona Fortier, on behalf of the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, the Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson, announced an investment of up to $54.9 million in funding for 58 community-based climate action, awareness, and engagement projects through the Government of Canada’s Climate Action and Awareness Fund (CAAF). The source of funds for CAAF is the Environmental Damages Fund (EDF) in partnership with the Climate Action Fund (CAF).

The CAAF invests in initiatives that raise awareness of climate change and empowers Canadians to take action in support of Canada’s climate goals. These projects will increase awareness and engagement and build capacity for action on climate change at the local level. Each community-focused project will engage Canadians to take meaningful climate action and support Canada’s climate goals, including net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

The following projects have been approved to receive funding:

British Columbia

Creating Community-Based Climate Action on the West Coast with the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre, Huu-ay-aht First Nations, and Ocean Networks Canada
Organization: Western Canadian Universities Marine Sciences Society
Funding amount: $160,000

Collaborative Coastal Adaptation Concept Plan Development and Visualization
Organization: Tsleil-Waututh Nation
Funding amount: $161,300

Strengthening Adoption of Nature-Based Solutions for Climate Adaptation and Shoreline Resilience in British Columbia
Organization: Pacific Salmon Foundation
Funding amount: $1,904,715

Fighting Fire with Fire: Indigenous Fire Management for a Changing Climate
Organization: Gathering Voices Society
Funding amount: $750,000

Nawt’sa mawt: Working Together as One
Organization: VIDEA – A BC-based International Development Education Association
Funding amount: $1,710,271

Scalable Nature-Based Climate Solution (NBCS) Community Toolkit for Climate and Water Security
Organization: University of Victoria
Funding amount: $1,000,000

Close to Home: Connecting Under-Engaged Fraser Valley Communities to Nature‑Based Climate Change Actions
Organization: Fraser Valley Conservancy
Funding amount: $646,874


Grassland Conservation Markets Extension Program
Organization: Western Stockgrowers’ Association
Funding amount: $135,000

Stepping Toward a Greener Tomorrow: Co-designing Active Safe Routes to School with Students
Organization: Sustainable Calgary Society
Funding amount: $277,482

Catalyzing Community Climate Action
Organization: University of Calgary
Funding amount: $1,620,000

Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions through Training and Demonstration with Indigenous Friendship Centres
Organization: Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
Funding amount: $934,500

Energy Futures Lab – Community Resilience
Organization: The Natural Step Canada
Funding amount: $1,613,854

Métis Nation of Alberta Climate Action Now Initiative
Organization: Métis Nation of Alberta
Funding amount: $2,370,725


An Indigenous Youth-Led Approach to Build Climate Action and Awareness Through Community-Based Food and Energy Security Project Prototypes
Organization: Pheasant Rump Nakota First Nation
Funding amount: $386,250

Enhancing Climate Literacy: Collective Climate Accountability and Adaptation Project (CCAAP)
Organization: Clearwater River Dënë Nation School
Funding amount: $500,000

Reaching the Canopy – Empowering Teachers in Northern/Remote Communities to Take Climate Action through Forestry
Organization: Canadian Institute of Forestry
Funding amount: $265,000

2021/2022 Green Vision
Organization: Friends of the Saskatoon Afforestation Areas Inc.
Funding amount: $100,080

Saskatchewan Tree for Life Program
Organization: Saskatchewan Association of Watersheds Inc.
Funding amount: $204,400


Manitoba’s Road to Resilience: Community Climate Action for a Net Zero Future
Organization: Green Action Centre Inc.
Funding amount: $870,260

Building Climate Change Capacity
Organization: Sioux Valley Dakota Nation
Funding amount: $160,119


Igniting the Community to Act on Climate Change
Organization: Bruce Peninsula Biosphere Association
Funding amount: $195,781

Communicating Climate Solutions: Informing and Engaging Ontario Farmers
Organization: The Organic Council of Ontario
Funding amount: $118,851

Talk Climate to Me
Organization: MakeWay Charitable Society - Project Neutral
Funding amount: $463,670

The Lake Superior Climate Action Field School: Training the Next Generation of Climate Leaders
Organization: Lakehead University
Funding amount: $135,626

Livelihoods, Incomes, and Community Resilience for a Net-Zero Canada
Organization: Energy Mix Productions
Funding amount: $481,500

Mobilizing Climate Action in St. James Town Community, Toronto
Organization: Rethink Sustainability Initiatives
Funding amount: $440,380

The CALL: Climate Action Learning and Leadership
Organization: Toronto Zoo Wildlife Conservancy
Funding amount: $380,527

Future Climate Leaders Initiative
Organization: St. Lawrence River Institute of Environmental Sciences
Funding amount: $185,573

Building Collaborative Capacity among Social Inclusion and Climate Change Leaders in Ottawa
Organization: Ottawa Community Foundation
Funding amount: $380,124

Building Capacity to Reduce Community Heat Vulnerability in Brampton, Ontario
Organization: Credit Valley Conservation Foundation
Funding amount: $442,970

Project CASCADES (Creating a Sustainable Canadian Health System in a Climate Crisis)
Organization: The Governing Council of the University of Toronto
Funding amount: $5,999,989

Deep Climate Engagement and Community Activation on Post-Secondary Campuses
Organization: Ryerson University
Funding amount: $1,741,800

Massive Impact: Collaboration and Capacity Building in Colleges and Institutes Coast-to-Coast-to-Coast – Raising Awareness and Empowering Climate Action
Organization: Colleges and Institutes Canada
Funding amount: $5,308,906


PMEs sobres en carbone
Organization: Québec Net Positif
Funding amount: $382,250

Organization: Ville en vert
Funding amount: $181,110

The Agents of Change Project
Organization: ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability
Funding amount: $492,790

Mobiliser les communautés suburbaines : pour des banlieues sobres en carbone et résilientes
Organization: Vivre en ville
Funding amount: $986,757

Pour l'action climatique territoriale
Organization: Regroupement national des conseils régionaux en environnement du Québec
Funding amount: $3,930,000

Pour des transports à taille humaine!
Organization: Equiterre
Funding amount: $2,339,057

Amélioration de la gestion des boues de fosses septiques visant la réduction des gaz à effet de serre en Abitibi-Témiscamingue
Organization: Centre Technologique des Résidus Industriels (CTRI)
Funding amount: $1,299,990

Synergia Transition and Resilience Climate Action Program (STARCAP)
Organization: Canadian Community Economic Development Network – Réseau canadien de développement économique communautaire
Funding amount: $1,068,923

ClimAction : des jeunes, des rivières, des communautés
Organization: Groupe d’éducation et d’écosurveillance de l’eau
Funding amount: $831,540

Donner à toutes les Canadiennes les moyens d'accroître la sensibilisation et l'ambition en matière de climat
Organization: The Climate Reality Project Canada
Funding amount: $233,312

New Brunswick

Common Ground: Empowering Nature-Based Climate Action in Forest-Dependent Communities of the Maritimes
Organization: Community Forests International
Funding amount: $381,550

Operationalizing Carbon Sequestration Strategies on the Ground on New Brunswick Private Woodlots
Organization: Fundy Model Forest Inc.
Funding amount: $251,382

An Innovative Rural Transit Model to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Organization: Eastern Charlotte Waterways Inc.
Funding amount: $425,000

Wetlands Work: Ensuring Wetlands Are a Solution to Climate Adaptations and Resiliency for Atlantic Canada’s Coastal and Floodplain Communities
Organization: Ducks Unlimited Canada
Funding amount: $198,000

Nova Scotia

Climate and Sport Initiative: Community Engagement for Climate Action Toolkit and Pilot Project
Organization: Leading Change for Young Professionals
Funding amount: $441,640

Amu es'mit | The Bee Feeds Me
Organization: The Confederacy of Mainland Mi’kmaq
Funding amount: $2,158,308

Prince Edward Island

Community-Based Climate Action on Prince Edward Island
Organization: PEI Watershed Alliance Inc.
Funding amount: $310,955


Toward Carbon Neutrality – A Community Energy and Implementation Plan for Old Crow, Yukon
Organization: Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation
Funding amount: $197,730

Yukon First Nation Climate Action Fellowship (YFNCAF): A Pathway towards a Youth-Led Yukon First Nations Climate Vision & Action Plan
Organization: Council of Yukon First Nations
Funding amount: $499,966

Northwest Territories

Addressing Climate Change in the Dehcho Region: Dehcho First Nations (DFN) Five-Year Regional Climate Change Strategy and Community Capacity
Organization: Dehcho First Nations Association
Funding amount: $287,730

Northern Youth Leadership Science Expeditions
Organization: MakeWay Charitable Society – Northern Youth Leadership
Funding amount: $150,000

Confronting Climate Change on the “Big River” – Nagwichoonjik – Deh/Des Cho – Sipi
Organization: Gwich’in Tribal Council
Funding amount: $494,270

Inuvialuit Settlement Region Climate Watch Project
Organization: Inuvialuit Regional Corporation
Funding amount: $122,418


Mobilizing Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit of Ice Travel to Enhance Community Engagement with and Adaptation to Changing Ice Conditions
Organization: SmartICE Sea Ice Monitoring & Information Inc.
Funding amount: $1,000,000

SILA for SIKU: Collaborative Community-Driven Climate Change Action, Adaptation and Awareness by and for Northern Indigenous Communities
Organization: The Arctic Eider Society
Funding amount: $4,246,000

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