Capital Regional District recognizes 33 regional parks in national database


Local, municipal, and regional parks—along with other protected and conserved areas—play an important role in Canada’s conservation network and help Canadians connect with nature. Most of these areas are not yet represented in Canada’s Protected and Conserved Areas Database, even though they contribute to biodiversity conservation.

The Government of Canada is working with partners, including other governments, Indigenous peoples, and environmental non-government organizations, to recognize more of these important spaces in Canada’s Protected and Conserved Areas Database. These collective efforts are supporting Canada’s goal to conserve 30 percent of land and water by 2030.

Thanks to the Capital Regional District’s commitment to nature, 33 regional parks on Vancouver Island are now officially recognized as part of Canada’s conservation network and are contributing toward Canada’s conservation targets.

Regional Parks on Vancouver Island

The Capital Regional District recognized the following regional parks on Vancouver Island in Canada’s Protected and Conserved Areas Database:

  1. Albert Head Lagoon Regional Park
  2. Ayum Creek Regional Park Reserve
  3. Bear Hill Regional Park
  4. Brooks Point Regional Park
  5. Coles Bay Regional Park
  6. Devonian Regional Park
  7. East Point Regional Park
  8. East Sooke Regional Park
  9. Elk/Beaver Lake Regional Park
  10. Francis/King Regional Park
  11. Gonzales Hill Regional Park
  12. Horth Hill Regional Park
  13. Island View Beach Regional Park
  14. Jordan River Regional Park
  15. Kapoor Regional Park
  16. Lone Tree Hill Regional Park
  17. Matheson Lake Regional Park
  18. Matthews Point Regional Park
  19. Mill Farm Regional Park Reserve
  20. Mill Hill Regional Park
  21. Mountain Forest Regional Park
  22. Mount Parke Regional Park
  23. Mount Wells Regional Park
  24. Mount Work Regional Park
  25. Roche Cove Regional Park
  26. Sea to Sea Regional Park
  27. Sooke Hills Wilderness Regional Park
  28. Sooke Potholes Regional Park
  29. Sooke River Regional Park Reserve
  30. St. John Point Regional Park
  31. Thetis Lake Regional Park
  32. Witty’s Lagoon Regional Park
  33. Wrigglesworth Lake Regional Park

View on map: Capital Regional District: Regional Parks and Trails Map (PDF English only)

For more information about each of these spaces, visit: Capital Regional District: Find a Park or Trail

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