Community-Nominated Priority Places projects


  1. Cape Freels (Newfoundland and Labrador)
    Recipient: Indian Bay Ecosystem Corporation
  2. Long Range Biodiversity (Newfoundland and Labrador)
    Recipient: Intervale Associates
  3. North Shore Prince Edward Island (Prince Edward Island)
    Recipient: Island Nature Trust
  4. Maliamu’kik msit ko’kmanaq / Taking Care of All our Relations (Nova Scotia)
    Recipient: Unama'ki Institute of Natural Resources
  5. Sikniktewaq/Chignecto Isthmus (Nova Scotia and New Brunswick)
    Recipient: Nature Conservancy of Canada
  6. Wele’k Pemjajika’q Siknikt / Healthy Coasts New Brunswick (New Brunswick)
    Recipient: Nature NB
  7. Northern Green Mountains (Quebec)
    Recipient: Appalachian Corridor
  8. Magdalen Islands (Quebec)
    Recipient: Attention FragÎles
  9. The Land Between (Ontario)
    Recipient: The Land Between
  10. Maamwi Anjiakiziwin (Ontario)
    Recipient: The Georgian Bay Biosphere
  11. Tall Grass Prairie (Manitoba)
    Recipient: Nature Conservancy of Canada
  12. Greater Redberry Lake (Saskatchewan)
    Recipient: The Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve Association
  13. Southwest Sand Hills (Saskatchewan)
  14. Recipient: Nature Conservancy of Canada
  15. Southern Rocky Mountain Trench (British Columbia)
    Recipient: Ɂaq̓am community
  16. Kootenay Connect (British Columbia)
    Recipient: Kootenay Conservation Program
  17. Southern Lakes (Yukon and British Columbia)
    Recipient: Kwanlin Dün First Nation
  18. Southern Aviqtuuq (Nunavut)
    Recipient: World Wildlife Fund Canada

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