Regional District of Central Okanagan recognizes 25 regional parks for biodiversity conservation value


Local, municipal, and regional parks—along with other protected and conserved areas—play an important role in Canada’s conservation network and provide places for Canadians to connect with nature.

The Government of Canada is working with partners, including other governments, Indigenous peoples, and environmental non-government organizations, to recognize more of these important spaces in Canada’s Protected and Conserved Areas Database.

Regional parks

The Regional District of Central Okanagan is contributing to the goal of conserving 30 percent of land and water in Canada by 2030. Thanks to its commitment to nature, the following 25 regional parks in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley are now officially recognized as part of Canada’s conservation network:

  1. Bertram Creek Regional Park
  2. Black Mountain - sntsk'il'ntən Regional Park
  3. Coldham Regional Park
  4. Glen Canyon Regional Park
  5. Goats Peak Regional Park
  6. Hardy Falls Regional Park
  7. Johns Family Nature Conservancy Regional Park
  8. Kalamoir Regional Park
  9. Kaloya Regional Park
  10. KLO Creek Regional Park
  11. Kopje Regional Park
  12. Lebanon Creek Greenway Regional Park
  13. McCulloch Station Regional Park
  14. Mill Creek Regional Park
  15. Mission Creek Greenway Regional Park
  16. Mission Creek Regional Park
  17. Raymer Bay Regional Park
  18. Robert Lake Regional Park
  19. Rose Valley Regional Park
  20. Scenic Canyon Regional Park
  21. Shannon Lake Regional Park
  22. Stephens Coyote Ridge Regional Park
  23. Traders Cove Regional Park
  24. Trepanier Creek Greenway Regional Park
  25. Woodhaven Nature Conservancy Regional Park

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