Transboundary notification: Liberty Energy Centre

(1) Name and address of proponent:
Liberty Energy Centre, 10 George Street, 4th Floor, Hamilton, ON, L8P 1C8

(2) Latitude and longitude of proposed facility:
43o 26' " N,   79o 79' " W

(3) Distance to the Canada/U.S. border:
60 km

(4) Brief description of the proposed project (major products, process, capacity, etc):
Liberty Energy Centre will produce 11.4 MW of electrical power, with a plant load of 1.4 MW, 10MW will be used for delivery to the local power grid. The facility will use waste biomass, which includes biosolids (sewage sludge) and biomass, and is considered renewable energy in Ontario. Biomass includes grass and garden clippings, clean dimensional lumber, urban forest waste and horticultural waste only difficult to compost biomass. The facility is designed to use up to 1089 tonnes per day of biosolids and 417 tonnes per day of biomass. The facility will use a bubbling fluidized bed to gasify and combust the mixture of biosolids and biomass. Biomass and biosolids will be injected into the gasifier by separate lines. The fuel then mixes with the hot suspended bed material and is gasified. Hot fuel gas is provided with staged combustion air in the upper furnace where complete combustion occurs. Liberty Energy Centre will utilize a mixture of sand and limestones as the bed material. This mixing of bed material and fuel helps to ensure a complete combustion and control of emissions. Fluidized bed technology is able to operate successfully even when fuel feed rates fluctuate quickly and is well suited for wet fuels. The facility will be designed to operate at furnace temperatures of 925°. This will ensure a complete combustion of fuel and contaminants and ensure the destruction of all organic compounds, including furans and dioxins.

(5) For combustion processes, list capacity (tonnes/year), fuel type and grade:
Biomass: 152,205 tonnes/year Biosolids: 397,485 tonnesYear Fuel Type: N/A Fuel Grade: N/A

(6) Contact for technical and design information:
Mr. Wilson Nolan,
Phone Number:  (905) 523-1740  
Fax Number:      (775) 367-2731

(7) Estimated annual quantities of the following pollutants released to the atmosphere (tonnes per year):

SO2 :          57.25
PM :           4.29
NOx :          82.97
VOC :          12.38
CO :           50.51

(8) List hazardous air pollutants with emissions estimates (tonnes/year) for any hazardous pollutants with expected annual emission rates of greater than 1 tonne per year:
Ammonia: 14.74 tonnes/year* Hydrogen Chloride: 1.02 tonnes/year* * Based on 85% annual operational time

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