Transboundary air: Silverbolt Energy

(1) Name and address of proponent:
Silverbolt Energy Ltd., Box 20037, Calgary Place RPO 345 - 4 Avenue S, Calgary, AB, T2P 4J2

(2) Latitude and longitude of proposed facility:
49o 5' 54" N,   112o 34' 2" W

(3) Distance to the Canada/U.S. border:
10 km

(4) Brief description of the proposed project (major products, process, capacity, etc):
Sour Gas Processing Plant, 6 MMSCFD of raw inlet. The facility will accept gas, water, and condensate production from the surrounding wells and provide Amine sweetening, mechanical refrigeration and dehydration.

(5) For combustion processes, list capacity (tonnes/year), fuel type and grade:
Capacity: 2893 tonnes/year Fuel Type: Natural Gas Fuel Grade: n/a

(6) Contact for technical and design information:
Bob Walker,
Phone Number:  (403) 932-5991  
Fax Number:      (403) 932-5384

(7) Estimated annual quantities of the following pollutants released to the atmosphere (tonnes per year):

SO2 :          723
PM :           n/a
NOx :          11.4
VOC :          n/a
CO :           n/a

(8) List hazardous air pollutants with emissions estimates (tonnes/year) for any hazardous pollutants with expected annual emission rates of greater than 1 tonne per year:
Based on analytical data provided, there are no anticipated quantities of these substances.

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