Air quality monitoring: size selective particulate matter

Particulate Matter(PM10, PM2.5) and Coarse Particle Mass Measurements

Thermo Model 2000D

Thermo Model 2000D

A Thermo Model 2000D sampler is used to determine the concentration of mass for three size ranges of particulate matter; PM10, PM2.5 and coarse (PM10 - PM2.5). Twenty-four hour integrated samples are collected on a one in three day schedule and the filter media are manually changed between sampling periods. The Model 2000D is a dichotomous sampler with a PM10 size selective inlet and a flow rate of 16.7 LPM. Under anisokinetic sampling conditions the dichotomous splitter separates the coarse and PM2.5 fractions into two constant volumetric flow rates of 1.67 and 15.0 LPM. Particles are collected on 47mm Teflon filter media. The ambient particulate mass loadings on the filter media are determined gravimetrically in a temperature and humidity controlled room. The PM2.5 size fraction undergoes XRF analyses to determine the concentration of 47 elements, most of which are metals.

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