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The National Air Pollution Surveillance (NAPS) Program is the primary source of air monitoring information in Canada, with nearly 260 stations located in approximately 150 communities. These stations are located in urban and rural environments, data may be representative of general population exposure, regional background, or local-source influences (including transportation and point source).


The NAPS Program has both continuous and (time-)integrated measurements. Continuous data is collected using gas and particulate monitors, with data reported every hour of the year. The data is available as hourly concentrations or annual averages on our own data website. Integrated samples are analyzed at the NAPS laboratory in Ottawa for additional pollutants, and are typically collected for 24 hour period once every 6 days, on sampling media such as filters, canisters, and cartridges. The pollutants measured, sampling duration and sampling frequency may vary by site. See the NAPS station list on the data portal for more information.

NAPS Continuous and (time-)Integrated Measurement Parameter Summary


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