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Experts at Ontario's Independent Electricity System Operator1 (IESO) monitor and maintain part of North America's tightly interconnected power grid. Electricity Grid Working Group members tackle the immense technical challenge of creating a cleaner and more resilient electricity system. (Photo credit: IESO)

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The Electricity Grid Working Group (EGWG) is focused on bilateral collaboration to facilitate the long-term transition to a modernized electricity system. As detailed in the first Clean Energy Dialogue (CED) Action Plan, this includes identification of options for increasing Canada-U.S. trade in clean electricity and examining the role that increased use of energy storage technologies might play in helping to accommodate increased penetration of renewable sources in that trade. It also includes the sharing of best practices, and engaging industry and stakeholders in the increased application of communications technologies, sensors, and computer software to the electrical system – a concept known as the smart grid.

Action Plan II (2012 - 2014)

Under the second CED Action Plan the EGWG is identifying key opportunities and barriers associated with advancing an efficient and clean electricity grid within Canada and the United States and outlining steps for bilateral collaboration and dialogue.  The steps include further joint projects and areas for policy and regulatory alignment. 

For Action Plan II, the EGWG has identified the following priority themes:

  1. Setting the scene for offshore renewable energy technologies deployment
  2. Advancing smart grid technologies
  3. Realizing the potential of power storage technologies
  4. Increasing opportunities for trade in clean electricity

Initiatives carried out under Action Plan II:

  1. International Overview of Marine Renewable Energy Regulatory Frameworks
  2. Canadian Smart Grid Repository
  3. Workshop on Renewables Integration
  4. Utility Best Practices for Consumer Engagement
  5. Distributed Energy Storage
  6. Offshore Renewable Energy Dialogue
  7. Smart Grid Standards Advisory Committee
  8. Case Study Analysis of Hydro-Intermittent Renewable Synergies
  9. Scenario Analysis of the Integrated North American Electric Grid
  10. Workshop on Hydrogen Energy Storage from Variable Electricity Generation

Action Plan I

Under the Action Plan I of the CED, the working group committed to the following five priority actions:

  1. U.S. – Canada Clean Electricity Trade Conference
  2. Advancing SmartGrid and Clean Power Technologies
  3. Realizing the Potential of Power Storage
  4. Building The Power Work Force of Tomorrow Forum
  5. Canada-U.S. Smart Grid Forum


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