Archived: COSEWIC assessment results with range of occurrence, November 2016

Common name (population) Taxon Status YT NT NU BC AB SK MB ON QC NB NS PE NL Arctic
Caribou (Torngat Mountains population) Mammals Endangered                          
Caribou (Barren-ground population) Mammals Threatened                    
Nuttall's Cottontail nuttallii subspecies Mammals Special Concern                              
Pink-footed Shearwater Birds Endangered                            
Prothonotary Warbler Birds Endangered                              
Evening Grosbeak Birds Special Concern        
Blanding's Turtle (Great Lakes / St. Lawrence population) Reptiles Endangered                            
Blanding's Turtle (Nova Scotia population) Reptiles Endangered                              
Western Painted Turtle (Pacific Coast population) Reptiles Threatened                              
Western Painted Turtle (Intermountain - Rocky Mountain population) Reptiles Special Concern                              
Western Painted Turtle (Prairie / Western Boreal - Canadian Shield population) Reptiles Not at Risk                        
Channel Darter (Lake Erie populations) Fishes Endangered                              
Channel Darter (Lake Ontario populations) Fishes Endangered                              
Speckled Dace Fishes Endangered                              
Coho Salmon (Interior Fraser population) Fishes Threatened                            
Pygmy Whitefish (Great Lakes - Upper St. Lawrence populations) Fishes Threatened                              
Westslope Cutthroat Trout (Saskatchewan - Nelson Rivers populations) Fishes Threatened                              
Channel Darter (St. Lawrence populations) Fishes Special Concern                            
Pygmy Whitefish (Waterton Lake population) Fishes Special Concern                              
Westslope Cutthroat Trout (Pacific populations) Fishes Special Concern                              
Blue Shark (North Atlantic population) Fishes Not at Risk                    
Blue Shark (North Pacific population) Fishes Not at Risk                            
Pygmy Whitefish (Pacific populations) Fishes Not at Risk                            
Pygmy Whitefish (Western Arctic populations) Fishes Not at Risk                          
Pygmy Whitefish (Saskatchewan - Nelson Rivers populations) Fishes Data Deficient                              
Pygmy Whitefish (Southwestern Yukon Beringian populations) Fishes Data Deficient                            
Pygmy Whitefish (Yukon River populations) Fishes Data Deficient                              
Gold-edged Gem Arthropods Endangered                          
Monarch Arthropods Endangered          
Magdalen Islands Grasshopper Arthropods Special Concern                              
Transverse Lady Beetle Arthropods Special Concern      
Sonora Skipper Arthropods Not at Risk                              
Mapleleaf (Saskatchewan - Nelson Rivers population) Molluscs Threatened                              
Mapleleaf (Great Lakes - Upper St. Lawrence population) Molluscs Special Concern                              
Western Prairie Fringed Orchid Vascular Plants Endangered                              
American Hart's-tongue Fern Vascular Plants Special Concern                              
Leiberg's Fleabane Vascular Plants Data Deficient                              
Nugget Moss Mosses Endangered                              
Golden-eye Lichen (Great Lakes population) Lichens Endangered                              
Golden-eye Lichen (Prairie / Boreal population) Lichens Special Concern                            

The assessment of Caribou (Rangifer tarandus), Eastern Migratory population, was deferred until April 2017 to incorporate soon to be released new information. The review of classification of the Seaside Centipede Lichen (Heterodermia sitchensis) was completed. COSEWIC decided that a fully updated status report is required to assess the status of this wildlife species.


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