End-of-model-year report template order form

Pursuant to section 33 of the Marine Spark-Ignition Engine, Vessel and Off-Road Recreational Vehicle Emission Regulations (the Regulations), a company must submit to the Minister an end-of-model-year report, signed by a person who is authorized to act on the company’s behalf, no later than June 1 of the calendar year after the model year for which the report is made. To assist you with the submission of this report, Environment Canada has developed a suggested template in Microsoft Excel, which is available upon request. Please be advised that this template and the accompanying instruction guide do not in any way supersede or modify the Regulations, or offer any legal interpretation of the Regulations. If there are any inconsistencies between the template, or the instruction guide, and the requirements of the Regulations, the Regulations take precedence.

Should you wish to obtain a copy of the template, please contact Environment Canada’s Regulatory Administration Section by email at ec.infovehiculeetmoteur-vehicleandengineinfo.ec@canada.ca.

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