Notice of objection filed by the Canadian Portland Cement Association

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Sent: Wednesday, April 05, 2000 4:13 PM
Subject: Canada Gazette Part 1 Notice for CWS for PM, Ozone, Benzene, Mercury
Importance: High

Cynthia Wright

On behalf of the Canadian Cement Industry, The Canadian Portland Cement Association gives notice of its objections with respect to the Canada Gazette Part 1, February 5, 2000, Canada-wide Standards for Particulate Matter (PM), Ozone, Benzene and Mercury. Our primary objection with this standard pertains to the process by which this standard has been developed. The Association, on behalf of the Cement Industry, has spent considerable time, effort and money reviewing and issueing written comments concerning the Science Assessment Documents (SADs) and the Compendium of Cost Information Document related to the above standard. In addition, the Association also submitted comments to CEPA concerning classification of PM as Toxic. In all instances, these comments were never acknowledged or dealt with in a satisfactory manner.

In addition, the Government's choice to publish the above mentioned standard through the Canada Gazette process, in order to meet its legal obligations, further stresses its reluctance to truly engage in an open, honest consultation process.

It is the cement industry's opinion, that given the speed by which the PM and Ozone Standard is being pushed through, in spite of the absence of sufficient scientific information; supporting data; and lack of industry support, will only result in a flawed standard.

If you require further information, please do not hesitate to call or write me.


Alicje Cornelissen, M.Sc.
Director, Environment
CPCA, 60 Queen Street, Ste. 1500
Ottawa ON K1P 5Y7

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