Notice of objection filed by David Emery

Ms. Thompson,

I am sending this email in response to the article on amending the gasoline regulations part 1 posted in the Canada Gazette on December 22, 2007.

I have been a hobby drag racer for the past 6 years. I have owned my own drag car for the past 2 years.

My home track is Grand Bend Motorplex.

I am very concerned on the effect that these amendments will have on the sport across the entire country.
My concern comes with the idea that these amendments are coming to the forefront based on theory and not actual facts.
I am sickened when I read paragraphs such as the following;

There doesn't appear to be any hard facts, just suggestions of adverse health effects at possibly lower exposure levels. (It appears that even the types of ill effects are guess work with no solid evidence.)

In the late '70s, Cyclamates were banned for use as the sweetener base in sugar free soda drinks. It was replaced with aspartame.

This was a regulatory change made with independent studies stating that one would need to consume the equivalent of nearly 400 cans of sugar free carbonated drinks daily for the cyclamates to cause adverse health issues. It would be funny if it wasn't so sad, that studies show aspartame can cause far more adverse health issues.

To add to the idea of lack of any solid evidence, this regulation targets a user group of only 1.5% of the volume of leaded fuel in Canada!!! The remaining 98.5% of the volume of leaded fuel is consumed by the aviation industry, (including privately owned pleasure flight craft) which has been given a permanent exemption!!!

Please don't misunderstand my position regarding this. I'm certainly not pro leaded fuel. I do not use it in my race vehicle. It is most commonly used at the professional level of drag racing (Pro Modified, Pro Stock Top Fuel Funny Car, Top Fuel Dragster and Show Racers)

The concern is that that US , which is home to the sanctioning drag racing bodies has no intention to alter the use of leaded fuels.

All of the elite drag tracks in Canada (including Grand Bend Motorplex) can not and will not survive handcuff sanctions that will keep the professional American racers south of the borders during our National Events. A single National event for 3 days brings in more income to the track than will all the sportsman class races for the remainder of season!

I certainly do not doubt there are issues with exposure to lead.

If it were a total ban on use of leaded fuel in this country, I would support it 100% however; regulating 1.5% of the total volume would correspond to applying a fingertip bandage on a critically injured patient after an accident!

Maybe I'm missing something here but, I hope these amendments are not just a political smoke and mirror dance that the government is doing something!!!

I am filing an objection for review with the department of environment as referenced at the end of the article.

What I would like from you, is some direction as alternative best methods to be heard on this issue.

I would appreciate an acknowledgement reply so I can be certain that you have received this letter.

Time is of the essence as it will likely be scheduled for a vote late in February.

Best regards,

David Emery
8561 Glendon Dr .
Mount Brydges, ON N0L 1W0
Home 519-264-2535
Cell 519-476-6317

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