Notice of objection filed by A. Holmberg

January 23, 2008
22 Speyside Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R3R 2P1

Honourable Steven Fletcher
House of Commons, Ottawa

Dear Mr. Fletcher:

I have recently learned of the plan by The Department of the Environment to ban Leaded Racing Fuels and as my elected Member of Parliament I feel compelled to voice my view to you. I have no argument against the ban on Lead in regular pump gasoline, I do however object to the unfair ban on lead in automotive racing fuels, especially since it is estimated that these vehicles consume less than 1.5% of the leaded fuel used.

The USA, UK and Australia have not seen the need to enact such a ban on racing fuels and the majority of drag racers that come to compete in Canada are not likely to modify their vehicles just to compete in Canada . Nor does it make sense for Canadian competitors to un-modify their modified vehicles to run on leaded fuel so that they will be competitive in US competitions. According to data compiled by the International Hot Rod Association, drag racing competitions and related expenditures by race teams, event organizers and tourists among others, is a multi-million dollar windfall for Canadian Regions hosting these events. Our Canadian climate makes for a very short racing season, generally May to September, so for seven months of the year racing fuels contribute near zero lead to the atmosphere.

What makes the Racing Fuel Ban grossly 'unfair' is that the aviation industry consumes about 98.5% of all leaded fuel used and by the nature of their use, expels the exhaust directly into the upper atmosphere yet they are permanently exempt from the ban. I expect the 1.5% 'saved' by a Canadian racing fuel ban will likely be immeasurable and result in virtually no saving whatever whilst the dollars lost to the racing community will be measurable.

While I am not involved in auto racing, I am an automotive enthusiast and enjoy watching all types of car racing, especially when there is Canadian involvement.

Mr. Fletcher I know the automobile racing community and it's many enthusiasts would really appreciate your help to exempt leaded racing fuel from being banned in, Canada.


A Holmberg

Cc: Chief, Fuels Section Oil, Gas and Alternative Energy Division
Energy and Transport Directorate Department of the Environment

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