Notice of objection filed by Mike Leslie

From: Mike Leslie <>
To: Stephanson,Leif [NCR]
Cc: Cormier,Markes [NCR]
Sent: Thu Apr 08 00:52:29 2010
Subject: Amendments to Gasoline Regulations

Good day Leif & Markes,

I am writing to you regarding the recent publishing of the exemption to the gasoline regulations.

As a concerned Canadian, I would like to voice my disappointment in the decision to ignore Health Canada's recent research regarding unsafe lead levels. The continued extension of the exemption while knowing that there is new research showing that the current levels could be unsafe points to your love of money. It shows that you project as high as $800+ million dollars benefit to the race track through 2019. And the decision to not post signs saying the lead levels could be harmful to children, pregnant women and toddlers is reckless and unnecessary. These groups of citizens are at the race tracks in droves and not posting signs to warn them of the potentially damaging situation they are in does not afford them the level of safety they so deserve.

You state that the 5 year review of lead levels gives you enough confidence that the racing industry can reduce lead levels. But maybe take a look at the ever-increasing levels of imports of lead gasoline vehicles. Do you really think that waiting 5 years will give you a reduction in lead levels while the import numbers are increasing? I think not.

In my opinion, it is high time this "temporary exemption" that has been here since 1994 be allowed to expire and a REAL reduction of lead levels be sought. Changing fuel would do the trick...but that makes the racers change their engines; so be it, for the health of the next generation of Canadians. I would really like to see you reverse the decision to extend the exemption or post signs warning people of the health hazards that they are putting themselves in. It should be no different than smoking, there is health damage occurring and we are very vocal about that, yet we allow little children to be poisoned with lead while we study it for 5 years?? Wake up and realize that if it was your child breathing lead in, you wouldn't want them to come down with some neurological defect, would you??



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