Notice of objection filed by Mitch Markusich

May 30, 2010

Leif Stephanson
Gasoline Regulations - Competition Vehicle Exemption
Oil, Gas and Alternative Energy Division
Environment Canada
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Markes Cormier
Senior Economist
Regulatory Analysis and Instrument Choice Division
Environment Canada
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Lead is a known dangerous toxin!

Throughout the world, lead has been reduced or eliminated in products such as: paint, blinds, toys, fishing sinkers and ammunition, only to name a few. The health impact of lead exposure affects all living beings and can be deadly.

Why is Environment Canada, with the assistance of Health Canada, proposing to extend the use of leaded fuel in Canada at competitive racing events? Why are they attempting to leave it in use for an undetermined period?

Leaded fuel has been banned in Canada for 18 years but continues to flourish because of Environment Canada's repeated amendments.

There are no technical or economic reasons to extend the use of this poisonous substance since non-leaded fuel has been available and performing in racing vehicles worldwide and in North America since 1992. Conversion of vehicles from leaded to unleaded has proven simple and cost efficient.

A Canadian Company has manufactured u8iunleaded racing fuel for the past 18 years. All American leaded racing fuel companies also manufacture unleaded racing fuel

All leaded racing fuel is imported!

Environment Canada and Health Canada performed air sample testing at Grand Bend Motorplex (2009) and have yet to make known the results or release them to the public. Why?

Environment Canada has issued letters to Importers of leaded fuel stating that no enforcement will take place although it is illegal.

Alberta Fuel Distributing (Racing Fuel Division) is in possession of such a letter. Environment of Canada Enforcement Division writes that they will not enforce the ban on leaded racing fuel nor will Canada Customs.

It is shameful for Environment Canada and Health Canada to promote the use of such a dangerous and toxic product. Not all racers are adults. Some are children and teenagers. Spectators are of all ages. Everyone attending these racing events are exposed to toxins emitted from the leaded fuel.

It was my belief that Environment Canada and Health Canada's mandate was to protect the public from lethal material and not to promote the release of toxins into our environment

Engines running on leaded fuel are contaminated. When parts are replaced and disposed of at landfill sites, soil and water is polluted.

Lead oxide is exhausted into our water supply when racing boats are using leaded fuel.

For Environment Canada to infer that racing will cease to exist in Canada when the use of leaded racing fuel at competitive events is prohibited is false and inaccurate. When lead was removed from paint, painters continued to paint. When lead was removed from fishing sinkers, anglers continued to fish. When NASCAR converted to unleaded fuel, they adjusted and continue to race. When leaded racing fuel is ABOLISHED, racers WILL continue to race.

D.I.R.T converted to unleaded racing fuel when the leaded racing fuel was not available (April/May 2010), there were no problems encountered.

Mosport had an International event (May 24110), featuring Trans AM cars. Their rules mandated "only leaded racing fuel". At Mosport they used unleaded racing fuels and the event was completely successful. There were no issues whatsoever!

The I.H.R.A., after a successful National Event, go back to the United States with an 'estimated' $500,000 in Canadian dollars. Who was the beneficiary of this race? Does this make any sense?"

Lead is a known dangerous toxin!

I strongly object to your proposed "Regulations Amending the Gasoline Regulations" Canada Gazette Part 1 Notices and Proposed Regulations 2010-04-03 Vol. 144,No. 14 -April 3, 20101 hereby request a board of review be established under section 333 of that Act



Mitch Markusich

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