Hour Activity(ies) Exponent(s)
8:00 Registration
Continental breakfast - coffee, juice, muffins, donuts
8:30 Intro, set the stage, review agenda, process R. Perras
8:35 Opening remarks J.Mills, EC/Ont.Region J. Mills, EC/Ont. Region
8:50 Project overview, background and rationale G. Ross, EC
9:15 Alberta Provincial viewpoint R. Angle including Q&A - clarification (Alberta Environment)
9:35 Background to U.S. NSPS, NSR etc. S. Piper for new thermal power generation in the USA (M. J. Bradley&Assoc)
10:40 U.S. considerations - industry perspective C. Jakubowics
(Edison Electric Institute)
11:00 Environmental Issues - short statements from ENGO community ENGO reps
11:35 Health Issues- short statement from Health community Tim Lambert
11:45 Q&A
11:55 Review and conclusion - highlights R. Perras
12:00 LUNCH - catered at the meeting room
13:00 Process review - questions tabled in morning session R. Perras
Q&A, punctual statements All
13:10 Discussion, clarification, Q&As on the proposed revisions to the CEPA Guidelines All

General Items, e.g.,

  • Input/Output Basis
  • Heat Rate
  • Notice of Intent
  • Others

Continue discussion, clarification and Q&A's

  • SO2 emission limit
  • NOX emission limit
  • PM emission limit
  • other
15:55 Wrap and conclude R. Perras
16:10 Path forward EC - planned steps for workshop report and comment period Environnement Canada
16:20 Workshop evaluation All
16:30 AJOURN

Prepared by:

Raymond Perras, facilitator
With input from stakeholders

March 19, 2002

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