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* Note: The Guidelines apply to fossil fuel-fired steam-driven electricity generating units with a capacity in excess of 73 megajoules per second heat input (approximately 25 megawatts electrical output). They are not intended to apply to gas turbine-based generating units.

Those who wish to participate in consultations on the revision of the Guidelines are asked to complete and return this fax-back form to:

Sylvie Normand, Consultation Coordinator

Electric Power Section, Environment Canada

Fax: 819-953-8903 or e-mail: sylvie.normand@ec.gc.ca

[ ] I would like to participate in these consultations. I intend to provide written comments.

Copies of the draft revised Guidelines and a Discussion Document can be downloaded from www.ec.gc.ca/ceparegistry/participation

A workshop on the revision of the Guidelines will be held in Toronto on March 22, 2002.

[ ] I plan to attend the workshop. Please send me further information.

[ ] I plan to present my views at the workshop.

[ ] I do not plan to attend the workshop.

[ ] I am unable to participate in this process, but please send me materials and keep me informed.


Organization: ________________________________________________



For further information contact:

Sylvie Normand - consultations and logistics: 819-953-8463

Geoff Ross - questions on the Guidelines: 819-997-1222

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