1. Introduction

This paper summarizes the results of a national set of multi-stakeholder consultations on proposed reforms to the Export and Import of Hazardous Waste Regulations (EIHWR) hosted by Environment Canada (EC) during January and February of 2003. The purpose of these consultations was twofold:

These consultations and proposed regulatory reforms build on extensive consultations conducted by Environment Canada over the last two years. These have included:

Environment Canada is developing the reforms to the EIHWR in parallel with the new Interprovincial Movement of Hazardous Waste and Hazardous Recyclable Material Regulations (Interprovincial Regulations) and the new Federal Hazardous Waste Regulations (FHWR). The Department has attempted to ensure as much harmonization as possible between the three regulations, and incorporated many of the provisions related to classification, documentation and permits of equivalent level of environmental safety (PELES) developed for the Interprovincial Regulations into the proposed reforms to the EIHWR. In addition, the environmentally sound management (ESM) concept is integrated into the FHWR. Where appropriate, some of the same concepts will be applied in the proposed regulations on the import and export of prescribed non-hazardous waste (PNHWR).

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