Transboundary permits: hazardous waste and recyclable material

Transboundary permits apply to movements of hazardous wastes and hazardous recyclable materials that are exported or imported out of and into Canada respectively, including transits passing through Canadian territory en route to a foreign destination. These permits provide a way of controlling and tracking the movements of hazardous wastes and hazardous recyclable materials into and out of Canada. A Transboundary Permit is required by anyone who intends to transport across an international border hazardous waste destined for final disposal or hazardous recyclable material, which is destined for recovery (that is, recycling).

Section 187 of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (CEPA) requires the publication of certain information provided on notices received for proposed imports, exports and transits of hazardous wastes. This information comprises: the name or characteristics of the waste or recyclable material; the name of the Canadian importer, exporter or, for transits, the name of the carrier; and the country of origin or destination, and in the case of transits both.

The information required under CEPA is published twice a year. To view the notices received for proposed exports, imports and transits of hazardous waste, consult the RESILOG newsletter.

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