Proposal to add compounds to exclusion list of volatile organic compound definition: chapter 5

5.0 Environment Canada's Proposal

Environment Canada is proposing to exclude thirteen compounds described below from the definition of VOC,20 because:

  • the compounds would negligibly contribute to the formation of ground-level ozone;
  • this modification of the VOC definition would better align our regulatory approaches with the United States; and
  • this modification would create less administrative burden for businesses.

Environment Canada will follow the outcome of the U.S. EPA's decision regarding addition of the two proposed compounds (HFO-1234yf and SolsticeTM 1233zd(E)) to their VOC definition exclusion list. In the development of the proposed Order, Environment Canada may propose to exclude these compounds from the definition of VOC for the same reasons as noted above.

20 For the purpose of the proposed addition of this compound to the exclusion list of the VOC definition, this compound was only evaluated for its contribution to the formation of ground-level ozone.

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