Reference method for PCDDs and PCDFs in pulp and paper mill effluents: amendment 1993

Amendment: June 1993

B. Acceptance on Deviations

In order to simplify the analytical procedures, the following deviations from the reference method EPS 1/RM/19 are acceptable to Environment Canada when quality assurance is not compromised:

  1. The use of half concentrations (1:1 dilution) of CS1, CS2, CS3 and CS4 of US-EPA Method 1613 for calibration and the 1:1 dilution of EPA CS1 and CS3 for verification of detection limits and calibration respectively is acceptable providing that criteria specified in the method are met.
  2. Recalibration is not mandatory whenever the GC column is disconnected at either end if both CS1 and CS3 analyses meet the accuracy criteria specified in Section 8 (j).
  3. It is acceptable that the Method Performance Tests specified in Section 5.2 are repeated every six months instead of every three months, only if extraction and cleanup procedures, reagent lot number and laboratory personnel have not been changed.

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