Application for permit to export fur garments or products

If you need assistance in completing this form, the CITES Management Authority Office can be contacted by email or by telephone at 1-855-869-8670.

Important Instructions for the applicant
Please read carefully - Be sure to fill-in all related questions on the application form.  An incomplete application may cause delays in processing.

Type of application

□ New application

□ Replacement

How should the CITES permit be sent to you?

□ Regular mail     □ Courier service 

For the permit to be sent by courier, indicate the courier company name and your account number:

Part 1: Contact information

1.1 Applicant information

To which address should the permit be sent?

□ Applicant's address     □ Other address (please specify below) 

1.2 - Broker information (if applicabale)

1.3 - Consignee information (the foreign importer)

Part 2: Purpose

Are the items being sent in order to be sold in the country of import?

□ Yes     □ No 

Part 3: Garment/product description and supporting documents

3.1 Product Description

Product Description
Item number Description of product or garment: Number of Items: Acquisition date or date of manufacture:
CITES Species used in the garment or product

Species common name
(e.g. lynx)
CITES Species used in the garment or product

Species Scientific Name
(e.g. Lynx canadensis)
CITES Species used in the garment or product

Country of origin of species:

3.2 Supporting documents

Indicate the type of document being submitted with the application, to show the origin of the fur used in the making of the garment or the origin of the garment itself:

□ Invoice (s)      □ Other documents

Part 4: Current location of the specimen(s)

In which country is the specimen located?


If the animal(s) is detained, please indicate where it is detained.

□ Canada Customs
□ Foreign Customs

Provide the Customs file number as well as all copies of the documents pertaining to the detention:


□ I understand that it is my responsibility to be informed of all other requirements with regard to possession, care and transport of my animal(s) and have or will obtain any additional authorizations or permits required by other jurisdictions, federal government agencies, or foreign countries.

I hereby certify that I am authorized to submit this application and that the information submitted is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge.

Signature of applicant:


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