Disposal at sea permit application form for fish waste

Proposed Activity

Permits are issued in accordance with Division 3 of Part 7 of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (the “Act”). “Disposal” has the same meaning as in subsection 122(1) of the Act. Information provided on this form will be used to evaluate the application for a permit.

Applicants should consult their nearest regional Disposal at Sea Program office of Environment Canada before preparing or submitting an emergency permit application under section 128 of the Act.

The following activities are covered by this application. Indicate those activities that apply to you:

Loading for the purpose of disposal
Disposal of waste or other matter
Disposal on ice

Identification and Applicant Information

Information on the Proposed Activity and General Information

Despcription of Activity - Give a general description of the proposed activity and its purpose.



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Load Site(s)

Disposal Site(s) - Provide a detailed drawing showing the boundaries of each disposal site or release zone.

Provide an estimate of the movement and dispersion in the water column and on the sea floor of the substance disposed of at sea. In the case of disposal at a new disposal site or disposal on ice, see the Applicant’s Guide - Appendix C.2: Guidance for Disposal Site Selection or contact the nearest Disposal at Sea regional office for details of additional information that must be included in your application.



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Route from Load Site to Disposal Site - Attach a map, chart or good reproducible set of drawings that shows the location of each load site and each disposal site. If the route is not direct, explain why and show the intended route on the map, chart or drawings.



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Equipment and Methods - Describe the equipment and methods to be used at each load site and disposal site. Check the appropriate boxes below or provide a description under “other,” if applicable.

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Methods of Packaging and Containment



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Disposal Specifications

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Carrier Information - If unknown, this may be provided at a later date but prior to start of operations.

Approvals - List all permits, licences and reviews, including environmental impact assessments, that are required by any federal, provincial, territorial, municipal or local agency for the carrying out of the activity described in this application.

Notice of Application - Attach evidence that a notice was published under paragraph 127(2)(d) of the Act.

Proximity to Sensitive Areas

Proximity to Sensitive Areas - For a new disposal site, provide a map that shows, by means of the symbols set out below, the location of all sensitive areas in the disposal site’s vicinity. Indicate your sources of information and attach a copy of the information if possible. If the source is a person, provide the person’s name, address and telephone number.

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Detailed Characterization of Fish Waste

Characterization o f Fish Waste - Provide a characterization of the fish waste by providing sufficient information demonstrating that the conditions listed below have been met. If possible, attach detailed data and methods and the quality assurance and control data and methods. See the Applicant’s Guide - Chapter 3: The Disposal at Sea Permitting Process for Fish Waste for details of additional information that must be included in your application.

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Information on Alternatives to Disposal at Sea

Waste Assessment - See Schedule 6 to the Act or contact the nearest Disposal at Sea regional office.

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Alternatives - Provide a comparative assessment of disposal at sea and other practicable alternatives that indicates the following:

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Previous Disposal Methods - Describe the methods, if any, other than disposal at sea, that you have previously used to dispose of the same type of substance. Indicate dates and locations.


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Mitigation - Indicate measures intended to minimize the environmental, health, navigational and aesthetic impacts during loading, transport and disposal. Check on the form the following mitigation measures that apply to the loading and disposal activity.

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Time Restrictions - If the disposal site is to be in the vicinity of spawning areas, migration routes or fishing areas, list the major species involved and the periods during which they are the most sensitive (active time of year).


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Send the completed permit application, the application fee and all supporting documentation to your nearest regional Disposal at Sea Program office of Environment Canada.

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