Disposal at sea permit application guide: template for notice of application, appendix B

Fill in the information indicated between the brackets.

Notice of Application to Dispose of Waste or Other Matter at Sea

Notice is hereby given that { name of company or agency } of  { address } intends on this { day } day of { month }, { year } to apply to Environment and Climate Change Canada for a Disposal At Sea Permit under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999, to load { quantity in cubic metres (m³) or tonnes (t) } of: { dredged material, inert inorganic geological matter, fish waste, organic matter, vessels, or bulky substances } at load site:  { address or co-ordinates of load site } to dispose of at sea at:  { name and co-ordinates of disposal site } by the following method: { bottom-opening barge, clamshell dredge, towed scow, pipeline, or other }.

It is proposed that loading and disposal activities will begin on: { start date } and will terminate on: { end date }.

For further information regarding these activities, please contact: { name, address and phone number of responsible officer of the company }.

The public may raise environmental concerns related to this notice or obtain Information on the permitting process by contacting the nearest Disposal at Sea Program regional office: { include the contact information for the relevant Program office listed in Appendix A of this guide }.

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