Request for information from foreign suppliers

When responding to mandatory information gathering initiatives, you are required to provide information that your organization possesses or to which you may be reasonably expected to have access. You are also encouraged to make reasonable efforts to obtain information through your supply chain.

Your supply chain may be able to provide more detailed information on the product composition. Suppliers may have information that you may not be aware of. For example, your suppliers may be able to provide you with the composition of imported goods. Any person requiring more detailed information on product composition is encouraged to contact their supplier.

To that purpose, a Government of Canada letter for communicating with your foreign suppliers is available for download. The letter may help you obtain information from your suppliers in order to complete your response to a notice.

Working and communicating with your supply chain to obtain the requested information and meet the reporting obligations will help the Government of Canada ensure all activities related to substances in this notice are considered before taking any further action.

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