Responding to the section 71 Chemicals Management Plan 2023 notice

Official title: Responding to the section 71 Chemicals Management Plan 2023 notice

Notice with respect to certain substances under the Chemicals Management Plan ─ 2023

Published in the Canada Gazette, Part I on June 24, 2023

The Excel Reporting File has been developed to assist you in meeting the reporting requirements of the notice. A complete substance list is available on the last tab of the Excel Reporting File and as a stand-alone Excel substance list. Any person who is required to respond to the notice must do so no later than January 17, 2024. Please note that in the case of a discrepancy between the Excel Reporting File, the Canada Gazette notice or the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (CEPA), the official version of the notice and CEPA take precedence.

If you determine that you meet the reporting criteria of the mandatory notice, you must provide a section 71 response using the steps outlined below:

  1. Download and complete the s71 CMP 2023 Excel Reporting File using the link above. Once completed, save it using the following file naming format “ORGANIZATION NAME s71 CMP 2023 ERF.xlsx”.
  2. Submit the saved file via Environment and Climate Change Canada's Single Window online reporting system.
    • a) Login to your account and on the Chemicals Management Plan's "Reporting Dashboard" page, select the "Chemicals Management – General" initiative. Ensure that you review the “Identification” page and on the “Substances to Report” page, select “s.71 CMP 2023” as the “Submission Purpose” and enter "Notice 2023" as the “Submission Title”, and then click “Save”.
    • b) Upload the Excel Reporting File under the "General Document Upload" page prior to submitting your response.

Please refer to the “Instructions” tab of the Excel Reporting File for more detailed steps on how to upload and submit a response. 

Refer to How to report using the Single Window Information Manager: guidance for details on how to create and manage an account in the Single Window online reporting system.

If you determine you do not meet the reporting criteria of the notice, you may submit one of the following options:

  1. Declaration of Stakeholder Interest

    Persons not subject to the notice, but who have information the Government may find useful on a reportable substance(s), are encouraged to submit this information through a Declaration of Stakeholder Interest (SHI) via Environment and Climate Change Canada’s Single Window online reporting system. For example, if you did not have activity with a reportable substance in 2022, but had activity in another calendar year, you are encouraged to provide information deemed beneficial for the alternate calendar year by completing an SHI. Stakeholder data supplementing a mandatory response to this notice can also be submitted.

    When providing information through an SHI, please indicate if any of the information is confidential and provide a rationale. Information on data elements generally not expected to be confidential can be found in the Approach to disclose confidential information and promote transparency in chemicals management.

    Please refer to the Guidance Manual for instructions on how to submit an SHI.

    Please note that an SHI submission must be submitted separately from a mandatory section 71 submission. A company submitting both SHI information and mandatory information must submit two different submissions.

  2. Declaration of Non-Engagement

    Persons who have no involvement with any reportable substance and have no commercial interest may send a Declaration of Non-Engagement (DNE) email to the Substances Management Information Line.

    Indicate in the subject line of the email “s71 CMP 2023 Notice DNE” and specify your company name and its contact information.

To help you determine if you are subject to the notice and for assistance with completing the sections of the notice, refer to the Guidance document for responding to the Notice with respect to certain substances under the Chemicals Management Plan – 2023.

For general inquiries, please contact us and use the subject line "s71 CMP 2023 Notice Inquiry".

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