British Columbia regional marine weather guide

While they may appear chaotic, changes in the winds and weather off the coast of British Columbia are parts of patterns that can be recognized.

This publication draws together information from two previous publications by Owen Lange, The Wind Came All Ways (1998) and Living with Weather Along the British Columbia Coast (2003). As in those publications, this guide uses the pressure-slope concept to categorize winds by the weather patterns that create them. Readers will learn how to determine the pressure-slope and how it relates to common weather patterns affecting the British Columbia coast. The pressure-slope concept is then applied to regions all along the coast and describes the resulting wind patterns and local effects.

This guide will educate and help you prepare for your outing on the water, making it more enjoyable and safer as well. It is recommended that you also download and read the MET 101 portion of the guide in order to better understand the meteorology that is described in the British Columbia Regional Marine Guide.

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