Lightning weather quiz

Test your lightning knowledge with our quiz!

Question 1
Where is the lightning capital of Canada?
Question 2
Where can you get severe weather warnings from?
Question 3
How long do you have to stay in a safe place after the last rumble of thunder?
Question 4
What should you do when you hear thunder?
Question 5
Where is a safe place to hide when there is thunder and lightning outside?
Question 6
How often does lightning strike in Canada during an average summer?
Question 7
Keraunophobia is the fear of:
Question 8
In recent years, about six times more men are killed by lightning than women. Besides spending more time outdoors, what is said to be the reason?
Question 9
Which weather element is likely of the most interest to professional golfers?
Question 10
What percent of lightning deaths have occurred after the thunderstorm has passed over?
Question 11
What is the longest measured lightning flash ever recorded in the world?
Question 12
If you are planning a large outdoor event i.e. an outdoor concert or festival, when should you prepare a lightning safety plan?
Question 13
What should be included in a lightning safety plan?


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