Alkaline wing-nerved moss (Pterygoneurum kozlovii) assessment and status report: chapter 1


Assessment Summary

Assessment Summary – November 2004

Common name:
Alkaline Wing-nerved Moss

Scientific name:
Pterygoneurum Kozlovii


Reason for designation:
This species, restricted in North America to western Canada, is globally imperilled or rare. Canada possesses the great majority of documented locations. The species typically grows on soil among grasses and sedges along the margins of alkaline ponds and sloughs in semi-arid regions of Canada. It has been confirmed at only 13 sites from 24 reported in south central British Columbia. There is one unconfirmed site in Saskatchewan. About half of all the known sites are subject to impacts from people and domestic animals. Of the British Columbia sites, 6 have apparently been lost to urban development, highway improvement, and trampling by cattle, implying that decline in habitat quality and extent are presently impacting the species.

British Columbia and Saskatchewan

Status history:
Designated Threatened in November 2004. Assessment based on a new status report.


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