Chimney swift (Chaetura pelagica) COSEWIC assessment and status report: chapter 14


This report was made possible with the financial support of the Canadian Wildlife Service, Quebec Region. We would like to thank all the volunteer observers that have been participating in the Quebec Chimney Swift Survey since 1998 and the Association québécoise des groupes d’ornithologues (AQGO), the Quebec Wildlife and Parks Agency for their support, but also the employees of the Cap Tourmente National Wildlife Area, the Town of St-Augustin de Desmaures and Jean-Claude Paquet and the fire department of St-Raymond de Portneuf for their involvement in certain tasks of the project. We would also like to thank Michel Gosselin for providing us with data on the Chimney Swift from the Quebec Nest Record Scheme. Thank you Jim Wolford for providing us with Chimney Swift abundance data from Wolfville, Nova Scotia. Further thanks to Jean-François Rousseau, François Shaffer, Michel Robert and Pierre Laporte for their valuable assistance with the survey in 1999, 2004, and to Michel Melançon and Léo-Guy De Repentigny for their help with mapping and computer graphics. We are grateful to Jean-Pierre Savard for his comments on the report’s preliminary version. We are also grateful to Paul and Georgean Kyle for lending us their banding data. Thanks to the Quebec natural resources, wildlife and park’s department, the professional wood heating association and the Montréal and Quebec fire departments. Thanks also to Céline Maurice for data collection and coordination of the Chimney swift program.

Finally, we would like to give special thanks to the following volunteer birders who helped keep the Chimney Swift Survey Program alive: Alain Beauchamp, Alain Hogue, Albini Couture, Alexandre Rivard, André Béliveau, André Bouchard, André Cloutier, André Corbeil, André Messier, Angèle Chicoine, Anke Roth, Anne Déry, Anne Normandeau, Annie Caron, Antoinne Nappi, Armand Audet, Benoit Jobin, Benoit Turgeon, Bernard Martin, Bernise Leblanc, Bibiane Bélanger, Bill Calder, Camille Dufresne, Carole Guérin, Catherine Kirouac, Chantal Godbout, Chantal Lamarre, Chantal Audet, Chantal Pineau, Christianne Pitre, Christian Beaudoin, Christian Garneau, Christine Ferland, Christine Guillemette, Christine Murphy, Christine Ridden, Claire Murphy, Claude Auchu, Claude Barrette, Claude Ducharme, Claude Langlois, Claude Martineau, Claude Rivard, Claude Tremblay, Claudel Pelletier, Claudette Cormier, Claudette Lemieux, Claudie Latendresse, Claudine Lafrance, Colette Garon, D. Dallaire, D. Gervais, D. Lavoie, Daniel Cadieux, Daniel Coderre, Daniel Labbé, Daniel Murphy, Daniel Ouellette, Daniel St-Hilaire, Daniel St-Pierre, Daniel Toussaint, Danielle Daigle, Danielle Kable, Danielle Roy, Dave Gauthier, Denis Faucher, Denis Lauzon, Denis Masse, Denis Nadeau, Denis Vachon, Denise Brisebois, Denise Mondou, Dennis HalSall, Diane Dauphin, Diane Deilgat-Leduc, Diane Labonté, Diane Letellier, Donald Dallaire, Donald Drolet, E. Fradette, Edwin Mackey, Élaine Presseau, Élyse Martineau, Fabien Bouchard, Florence Douville, France Lamy, Francine Charpentier, François Dumont, François Gagnon, François Shaffer, Gabriel Fontaine, Gabriel Morin, Gaétan Morissette, Gaétan Pelletier, Gaston Jacques, Gatéan Pelletier, Gay Mc Dougall-Gruner, Geoffrey Webster, Georges Lachaîne, Gérald Fréchette, Gérald Gauthier, Gérard Desjardins, Germain Dufour, Germain Savard, Ghislaine Brisson, Ghyslaine Tremblay, Gilles Chapdelaine, Gilles Daigle, Gilles Falardeau, Gilles Langlais, Gilles St-Denis, Ginette Henri, Ginette Lagacé, Ginette Roy, Gisèle Grenier, Guillaume Tremblay, Guy Huot, Hugues Sansregret, Huguette L., Huguette Jacques, Huguette Routhier, Isabelle Gauthier, J.-M. Béliveau, Jacques Bourque, Jacques Héneault, Jacques Shaffer, Jacynthe Gauthier, Jean De Marre, Jean Giroux, Jean Rémi Julien, Jean-François Bédard, Jean-Guy Chouinard, Jean-Jacques Hamel, Jean-Luc Desgranges, Jean-Marc Barbeau, Jean-Marie Pitre, Jean-Paul Bérubé, Jean-Paul Husereau, Jean-Pierre Fournier, Jean-Pierre Joly, Jean-Pierre Savard, Jean-Raymond Lepage, Joël Coutu, Johanne Dussault, Josée Soucie, Josée Tardif, Julie Shaffer, Julien Belin, Justin Dupuy, Karen Cleland, Laval Roy, Lazare Ouellet, Léa Gallant, Lina Corriveau, Lise Daviau, Louis Masson, Louis Richard, Louise Bouchard, Louise Cadieux, Louise Dunn, Louise Grenon, Louise Lemoine, Louise Lépine, Louise Perreault, Luc Goneau, Luc Robillard, Lucie Ménard, Lucie Poulin, Lucien Pelletier, Lucille Lacroix, Lucille St-Laurent,  Marc-André Guertin, Marc-André Larose, Marc-André Villeneuve, Marcel Lanctôt, Marcelle Lebfèvre, Marco Beaulieu, Marguerite Larouche, Marianne Frigon, Marie-Anne Risdon, Marie-Ève D'Amour, Marika Gauthier-Ouellet, Mario Gervais, Mario Lavoie, Mario Maccabée, Martine Laing, Maryline Marcoux, Maryse Crête, Maryse Laferrière, Maurice Côté, Maurice Guillemette, Mgr. Blanchet, Michael Spencer, Michel Bourassa, Michel Hamelin, Michel Leduc, Michel Renaud, Michel Robert, Michel Savard, Michelle Vanchestein, Mme Racine, Monique Berlinguette, Monique Maheu, Monique Provencher, N. Frigon, Nancy Duchesne, Nathalie Pelletier, Nicolas Tremblay, Nicole Vallière, Noëlla Gingras, Normande Lapensée, Patrick Graillon, Patrick Labonté, Paul Dubuc, Peter Gruner, Philippe Beaupré, Pierre Bannon, Pierre Beaulé, Pierre Chartrand, Pierre Dupuy, Pierre Laporte, Pierre Poulin, Pierre Rancourt, Pierre-Luc Morin, Pierrette Grou, Rachel Vanasse, Raphaël Demers, Raphaël Pratte, Raymond McNeil, Raymond Picher, Réal Grenier, Régine Laberge, Renaud Poulin, René Séguin, Abbé René Tanguay, Richard Smith, Rita Côté, Rita St-Laurent, Robert Lapensée, Robert Lebrun, Rodrigue Poulin, Roger Bélanger, Roger Bider, Roger Larose, Roger Roy, Rolande Goneau, Scott Mackey, Serge Bouchard, Serge Rhéaume, Simon Pratte, Sophie Grignon, Stéphanie Gagnon, Steven Charest, Sylvain Lamontagne, Sylvain Mathieu, Sylvie Bazinet, Sylvie Charbonneau, Sylvie Roy, Sylvie Slater, Sylvie Vanier, Ted Rice, Thea Calder, Thérèse Bélisle, Thérèse Bérubé, Yves Aubry, Yves Bilodeau.

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