Columbian carpet moss (Bryoerythrophyllum columbianum) COSEWIC assessment and status report: chapter 1


Assessment Summary

Assessment Summary – May 2004

Common name:
Columbian Carpet Moss

Scientific name:
Bryoerythrophyllum Columbianum

Special Concern

Reason for designation:
This is a western North American endemic species. It is a small perennial species and in Canada has a restricted distribution in the shrub-steppe in semi-arid regions of British Columbia where recent surveys have confirmed its presence from 11 sites. The species is never abundant in sites where it is found and extensive surveys have provided few new locations. At least one population is believed to have been lost to cultivation (vineyard) or to stochastic events. Threats include agriculture (especially vineyards), impact by grazing animals, urban development, road improvements, and human recreational impacts. Based on known occurrences, the species appears to have a very restricted distribution. However, the species is patchily distributed at low densities in large habitats not all of which have been censused.

British Columbia

Status history:
Designated Special Concern in May 2004. Assessment based on a new status report.


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