Half-moon hairstreak in Waterton Lakes National Park: critical habitat description

Half-moon Hairstreak (Satyrium semiluna) is a butterfly listed on Schedule 1 of the Species at Risk Act as endangered. In Canada, the species occurs as disjunct populations in two small, restricted areas at the northern extreme of the species’ range. The Alberta population occurs on the Blakiston Fan in Waterton Lakes National Park of Canada. The Recovery Strategy for the Half-moon Hairstreak (Satyrium semiluna) in Canada identifies critical habitat for the species in Waterton Lakes National Park of Canada.

Notice is hereby given, pursuant to subsection 58(2) of the Species at Risk Act, that 90 days after the date of publication of this notice, subsection 58(1) of the Act will apply to the critical habitat of the Half-moon Hairstreak, as identified in the recovery strategy for that species that is included in the Species at Risk Public Registry, and that is located within Waterton Lakes National Park of Canada, the boundaries of which are described in Schedule 1 of the Canada National Parks Act.

Ifan Thomas
Field Unit Superintendent
Waterton Lakes Field Unit

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